N.A.R.C: Infinite Mine
Design & Creative Direction, 2016
Infinite Mine is the first major release of producer/vocalist duo N-A-R-C.
The album explores concepts related to sexuality, loss, and utter human devotion—themes translated to the album's cover and campaign visuals—pitting two lovers in a frenzy of self-destruction and unconditional embrace.
Credits: For • N.A.R.C ⎜ Photography • Daniel Cavanaugh
N.A.R.C: Music Videos, 2017
In production, mid 2017.
Credits: For • N.A.R.C, Directed By • Pepi Ginsberg
New Age Real Change
Design & Strategy, 2017
Artist Pepi Ginsberg needed a unique digital platform to fuse her poetry and photography into a series of stories titled New Age Real Change.

The site links the two distinct forms of content by scrolling, creating a new form of linear storytelling.
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Credits: With • Dylan Fisher
Tazar Yoot: Thermogenesis
Design & Art Direction, 2016
Thermogenesis is the debut EP from DJ and producer Tazar Yoot.

Pulling the violent street sonics inspired from his youth as a Dominican native of Queens, New York, contrasted by the optimism of inner-city futurism, through the hardware produced music.

The artwork channels these themes through deconstructed typography in reference to his youth (143–718, the pager code for "ILU NYC") referred to as Polycarbonate Paintings—analog photography blended onto CD-ROM's.
Cultured: Art Basel
Design & Strategy, 2016
Special insert for Cultured Magazine's Art Basel catalogue.
Titled Dealer Be–Loved, the piece assembles 10 art dealers to share an analysis of their favorite pieces from their respective booths.
VISJ: Production Agency
Design & Strategy, 2017
Specializing in fashion film, VISJ is a new video and production agency founded by artist and director Sean Frank.

The brand uses a blending gesture to reflect VISJ's goal of blending marketable strategy and a sense of luxury and beauty into each project. Currently in development.
Credits: With • Sean Frank
Watson & Company
Design & Art Direction, 2016
Art direction and digital design for the rebranding of New York design studio Watson & Company (W&CO).
Credits: With • Simon Lagneaux
Digital Design & Aesthetic, 2015
In preparation of expanding to Los Angeles and London—New York's premiere workspace collective and creative entrepreneur hub looked
to evolve the brand into a refreshed digital experience and explore new
art directions for their digital and promotional content.
Credits: Lead • Arno Baudin, Martin Bravo ⎜ With • Ethan Sung ⎜ Video • Brian Zabka ⎜ At • Base
Digital Design & Aesthetic, 2015
In the weeks prior to Frieze Art Fair 2015, NeueHouse unveiled it's new online media and publishing outlet—The NeueJournal.

NeueJournal's identity reinforces NeueHouse's fashionable essence,
while the monochromatic content direction ties together a diverse array
of creative and cultural content.
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Credits: Lead • Arno Baudin ⎜ With • Ethan Sung ⎜ Photography • Manolo Campion, Anton Lombardi ⎜ At • Base
Parviz Tanavoli
Design & Art Direction, 2015
For acclaimed Iranian fine artist Parviz Tanavoli, a visual identity and
related promotional assets were created to launch his exhibition at
Wellesley College's Davis Museum, his first comprehensive exhibition
in a U.S. museum.
Credits: With • Inva Cota ⎜ At • Base
30 Hours / 30 Hours
Digital Design & Concept, 2016
Showcasing the track 30 Hours from Kanye West's 2016 magnum opus The Life of Pablo, with a digital experience illustrating the amnesia of time and reflection.
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Credits: For • G.O.O.D. Music
Give Them Decadence Records
Design & Art Direction, 2016
Creative direction for burgeoning New York City record label and artist collective Give Them Decadence (GTD) under the thematics of the brand's manifesto: To celebrate the decline of civilization.

Executions include branding, photographic art direction, live performance graphics, clothing and more.
Credits: Photography • Ernesto Eisner
Bloomberg: Net Neutrality
Design & Concept, 2015
For their report on the 2015 FCC/Net Neutrality case, Bloomberg asked Base and other studios to explore how Net Neutrality would take shape, as a brand. The illustration draws aesthetic from the original privatized web brand, Netscape, morphed into a contemporary, dystopian form.
Credits: At • Base
Shade (Thesis)
Experiential Design, 2014
Shade is an interactive installation framed in the context of power dynamics on the web, and the synthesis of all that is physical and digital through the personification of data.
Credits: Model • Chloe Koslen ⎜ Technology • Teehan+Lax
The aesthetic is driven by the various technologies used, such as motion tracking with Microsoft Kinect, and Hyperlapse by Teehan+Lax, fused with
a dynamic, generative type system made of two unique typefaces, Shade# and Mui Chung.
Levi’s M&C™ × WAX Magazine, Patience
Digital Design & Experiment, 2014
Immersive interactive content feature, for the Levi’s Made & Crafted™
S/S 2014 digital lookbook designed by WAX Studios.
Uses customized Hyperlapse technology to illustrate a frame-by-frame journey from Greenpoint, Brooklyn to Rockaway Beach.
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Credits: Lead • David Yun, Zak Klauck ⎜ With • WAX Studios
Meatpacking District, NYC
Digital Design, 2015
Distilling the radical rebranding of New York’s Meatpacking District into dynamic digital form, the site functions via the districts cultural duality, as an international nightlife hub, and as an emerging art and technology hub, dividing two distinct sectors of information, united under one brand.
Credits: Lead • Inva Cota ⎜ At • Base
Wellesley Donor App
Design & Strategy, 2015
The fixture of Wellesley College's campaign, the iPad application was created to lead the Wellesley fundraising team's interactions with potential donors, and elevate the fundraising experience for all parties, while evoking the Wellesley Effect's ambitious and progressive values.
Credits: With • Martin Bravo ⎜ At • Base
Digital Design & Strategy, 2015
Digital experience for the architecture practice of Tei Carpenter, expanding the brand identity into a web experience focused on adaptability, generating a series of randomized drawings that refresh adapt to any device or screen size. Link →
Credits: Lead, With • David Yun, WAX Studios
Future Whitney
Experiential Design, 2013
Days before the unveiling of the Whitney Museum of American Art's
new visual identity, this installation displayed previews of the Whitney's new building designed by Renzo Piano both in renderings and in sketches directly from the architect, and features a timeline of events from groundbreaking to it's projected completion in 2015.
This was the first public display of elements from the Museums new
graphic identity
, most notably, showing the identity's choice typeface,
Neue Haas Grotesk.
Credits: With • Keri Bronk, Hilary Greenbaum